How Often Should Aircon Servicing be Carried Out?

Air conditioning is an important part of modern life, providing us with the ultimate comfort in our homes and workplaces. But an air conditioner needs regular servicing to ensure it continues working efficiently.

This blog post will provide you with an essential guide on how often it should be carried out. Read on to find out more and keep your air-con system running smoothly!

How Often Should Air Conditioner Servicing Be Carried Out?

It is important to understand how often your air conditioner should be serviced in order to ensure it runs efficiently and lasts longer. Read on to find out what the recommended servicing intervals are!


Annual air conditioner servicing is recommended to maintain the efficiency of your unit. Regular servicing will ensure that any issues with the system can be identified and fixed quickly before they become more serious problems.

Having a professional inspect the unit annually and carry out maintenance will keep the system running reliably, prevent small issues from becoming big ones, and guarantee you cool temperatures during the hot summer months. It can also reduce energy consumption if your machine is running inefficiently due to blocked filters, refrigerant loss or thermostat failure.


Seasonal aircon servicing is typically done every six months when temperatures begin to change. It is important to ensure the system runs efficiently and quietly during times when it receives more use. Regular seasonal maintenance checks allow any small issues in the unit to be identified and fixed at an early stage before they potentially develop into bigger problems or cause costly damage.

During a season-specific service call, your engineer will clean or replace filters as well as check for leaks and lubricate parts if necessary. They will also look for signs of corrosion or wear on electrical components and make sure that all safety devices are working correctly. This kind of preventive maintenance can help prevent expensive repairs down the line, keeping you comfortable year-round.

After Moving Into A New Home

It is important to get your air conditioner serviced shortly after moving into a new property. Previous tenants may not have had regular service and there could be faults with the system that will shorten its lifespan or reduce efficiency if left unchecked. It can also help to identify any pre-existing problems before they become major issues.

Servicing an air conditioner upon moving into a home helps ensure optimal performance, energy efficiency and safety, as well as improved air quality in the home environment. Regular maintenance of your newly-installed AC prevents future breakdowns and ensures it works at maximum capacity all year round.

A thorough inspection of the unit should always accompany servicing for optimum results; common areas to check include filters, refrigerant levels, coils and drain pans.

What Should Be Carried Out During Air Conditioner Servicing?

From cleaning filters to checking refrigerant levels and inspecting all parts of the system, find out what should be included in your aircon servicing routine – read on to find out more!

Clean Filters

Cleaning the filters is an essential part of aircon servicing as it helps to keep your system running efficiently. A clogged filter should be replaced immediately, or else the entire system will have to work harder trying to pull clean air through a choked filter.

Regularly changing and cleaning air conditioning filters can also improve indoor air quality by trapping dust particles and other pollutants that might otherwise circulate inside a living space. It can even help reduce allergy symptoms for some people with sensitivities.

In conclusion, having regularly cleaned filters and performing routine maintenance on your air conditioner not only helps ensure optimal levels of performance and energy efficiency but also supports improved health benefits as well as added comfortability in any home or office environment.

Check Refrigerant Levels

Refrigerant is an essential part of an air conditioner system and it needs to be checked regularly. The levels of refrigerant should be optimal for the system to be effective in cooling your home.

If you have a leaky refrigerant, it can reduce the efficiency of your air conditioning unit, leading to higher energy bills and less comfort in your home. It may also cause damage to other parts of the system that can more expensive repairs down the line.

Aircon servicing will ensure that all components are functioning at their best by checking and adjusting the refrigerant levels as necessary. Regular maintenance ensures proper and safe operation which offers peace of mind that you’re getting optimal performance from your air conditioner unit.

Inspect All Parts Of The System

It is important to inspect all parts of your air conditioning system during servicing. This includes the compressor, electrical connections, condenser coil fins and heat exchangers. Any minor problems such as loose bolts or leaks should be addressed immediately so that they do not worsen over time.

The fan motor should also be checked for proper operation, along with the levels of oil in order to ensure the smooth functioning of the whole system. The technician may need to adjust certain parts such as springs or gaskets to make sure everything is in good working order.

Finally, any obstructions should be removed from around the unit and grilles vacuumed if necessary for clean airflow throughout your home.

Test The Thermostat

Testing the thermostat is one of the key tasks during air conditioner servicing. A thermostat regulates temperatures, so it’s important to ensure accuracy and correct operation. Regular testing will help you identify problems with the thermostat system before they become a major issue down the line.

During an aircon service, technicians usually check for any obstructions near the unit or any wiring issues that may be present. They also inspect dials and switches on both indoor and outdoor units to make sure they are in working order. If necessary, professionals can also adjust settings on digital models for maximum efficiency and temperature control when needed.

Clean The Evaporator And Condenser Coils

Changing or cleaning the filter is not enough for thorough aircon servicing. During an air conditioner service, technicians need to ensure that all components of the system are clean and working properly, including the evaporator and condenser coils. These coils must be inspected to check for any buildup of dirt or dust which can clog up the system and make it inefficient.

Cleaning these coils also helps prevent microorganism growth such as mould, mildew, and fungi from occurring within the system. To remove this build-up of dirt and grime, professional teams usually use specialised tools such as brush vacuums with long handles to reach deep inside inaccessible areas of your unit where dirt may have accumulated over time. This step will help keep your air conditioner running smoothly during summer heat waves and winters alike!

Check The Drainage System

When carrying out air conditioner servicing, it is important to check the drainage system. This includes ensuring that the condensate drain line is clear of any blockages and debris, as well as checking for any signs of water leakage or damage in the area. The technician should also test the condensate pump if your air conditioner has one installed. They will make sure that it is functioning properly and not causing problems for your AC system.

Testing the pressure switch connections is another part of a thorough drainage system inspection during aircon servicing. The pressure switch will prevent your AC from continuously running when there is no demand for cooling, increasing energy efficiency. It is essential to have them checked regularly so they can operate at their peak performance level.

Finally, technicians need to inspect all hoses and seals in the unit’s components associated with drainage systems looking for signs of cracks or corrosion which could lead to a costly repair down the line if left unchecked. This ensures that your AC keeps working correctly even during times when you need it most!


Servicing your air conditioner on a regular basis is essential to ensure it maintains its efficiency, durability and air quality. Having the system serviced once a year, as well as during seasonal changes and when moving into a new home are all recommended to keep it in peak condition.

During servicing, your HVAC technician will clean filters, check refrigerant levels, inspect all parts of the system and carry out other important tasks such as testing thermostats and cleaning coils. Keeping on top of maintenance ensures that your AC operates seamlessly throughout each season while also preserving energy consumption.

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