How to Perform an Aircon Chemical Wash?

Maintaining a clean, functional and efficient air conditioner is essential for the comfort of your home or workspace. Regular chemical washing can help improve the quality of the air and reduce energy consumption.

If you have never done an aircon chemical wash before, then this blog post is for you! We will be walking you through all steps necessary to perform an effective and safe aircon chemical wash. Read on to learn more about the process and discover its many benefits- why wait for any longer?

Preparing The Air Conditioner For Chemical Washing

Turning Off The Air Conditioner And Disconnecting It

Before beginning the chemical wash on your aircon, it is important to switch off the power and unplug it from the wall socket. This will ensure that electricity does not flow throughout when performing the cleaning process.

It’s also necessary to remove any attached covers or casings for easy access to key components of your AC unit.

Removal Of The Casing And Cleaning Of Any Dirt

Before the air conditioner is ready for chemical washing, it must be first disconnected from all power sources and the casing should be taken off. This will allow direct access to the interior of the air conditioner, giving a chance to clean out any dirt and debris that has accumulated inside.

Scrubbing and cleaning any visible dust or dirt within the device can help ensure proper flushing for an even more thorough wash. It also helps remove excess moisture which may have built up inside due to daily operation or continuous condensation in humid climates.

To finish this step, all removable parts need to be wiped with a damp cloth that has been lightly soaped before being returned back into their respective place in the aircon unit.

Steps To Perform An Aircon Chemical Wash

Learn the easy steps to perform an aircon chemical wash and get your air conditioner back in top shape!

Diluting The Chemical Cleaning Solution

When performing an aircon chemical wash, the first step is to dilute the chemical cleaning solution with water as directed by the manufacturer. The right proportion of detergent and water needs to be maintained for effective cleaning results.

Next, the diluted solution needs to be poured into a container and applied onto all surfaces of the air conditioner with a clean cloth or brush. This process helps remove all dirt deposits from its exterior components such as filters, coils and fins. Finally, allow some time for it to take effect before doing any further steps in order for it to give the best results.

Flushing The Aircon With The Solution

Flushing the aircon with a chemical cleaning solution ensures that all of the contaminants inside the unit are removed. The detergent in the solution will effectively break down any dirt, grime or debris that has accumulated on parts such as coils and fans.

The air conditioner should then be rinsed thoroughly to ensure that any remaining residue is gone. This step also helps to avoid any additional buildup of dirt in the future. By flushing with a cleaning solution, you can be sure your aircon is free from germs and bacteria while maintaining its efficiency.

Rinsing The Aircon With Clean Water

Rinsing the aircon with clean water is an important step in a chemical wash. This process involves running the lines of the air conditioner through clean and filtered water to eliminate any residue left over from the detergents used during flushing. This helps remove any unwanted particles, while also making sure that no more soap or dirt accumulates on the condenser or evaporator coils. The result is a cleaner and fresher-smelling interior environment for your home.

It is essential to use a high-pressure hose when rinsing since this will help ensure that all surfaces are properly cleaned. It’s also recommended to use a soft brush along with it as well to reach tight spots within components like fan blades and fan motor area, as they tend to be particularly prone to gathering dust and grime over time if not maintained regularly. After rinsing, it’s best practice to dry up excess wetness by running compressed dry air through the system before reassembling your AC unit so that you can avoid future problems due to corrosion of parts exposed directly towards moisture-based damage later on down the line.

Reassembling The Aircon

Reassembling the aircon is a crucial part of the chemical washing process. After flushing and rinsing, the air conditioner should be completely dry before reassembly.

All components from earlier must be correctly placed back into their original positions for proper functioning. It is important that sealing rubber parts are tightly secured to avoid water leakage in future runs.

Cautious handling of any electrical wiring is also necessary to minimize risks during assembly.


Performing an aircon chemical wash is a great way to keep your air conditioner efficient and clean. It improves the quality of air, reduces allergens, and energy consumption and helps you save on costly repair or maintenance bills. So if you want to ensure better care for your AC unit, a chemical wash should be part of your regular maintenance checklist!

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