What are the Benefits and Disadvantages of Aircon Chemical Wash?


Aircon chemical wash is a popular method used to clean air conditioners and make them more energy efficient. It removes dust, dirt, allergens and other harmful particles from the filter on the inside of the unit.

Doing this can drastically improve the quality of air in your home or office. In this blog post, we will discuss all aircon chemical wash – its benefits and disadvantages so you can make an informed decision on whether to go for it or not. Read on to find out!

What Is Aircon Chemical Wash?

Aircon chemical wash is an air conditioning servicing procedure that involves the use of chemicals to flush out dirt and other contaminants from your air conditioner. It is a deep cleansing process aimed at restoring the efficiency of the unit by flushing away all contaminants that can reduce cooling power, cause bad odours, or compromise indoor air quality.

During this process, harsh but safe chemicals are sprayed through specialized nozzles into the internal components of your AC unit to break down stubborn dust deposits, moulds, and grime on coils and fins. The loosened debris is then flushed away with powerful jets of water while any lingering smells are eliminated with disinfectant solutions.

How Often Should An Aircon Chemical Wash Be Performed?

The frequency and duration of aircon chemical wash depend on average household usage, environment, and type of air conditioning unit.

Average Household Usage

The average household generally requires an Aircon Chemical Wash approximately every two to three years. High-usage areas such as bedrooms and living rooms may require a more frequent cleaning schedule, whereas areas with low usage may be able to go slightly longer between washes.

It is important for households to monitor their air conditioners regularly for signs of overwear or poor performance that would indicate the need for immediate cleaning. Doing so will ensure maximum efficiency from the unit and maintain its optimal health in the long run.

Usage And Environment

The type of environment in which an air conditioning unit is used will impact the frequency and duration of a chemical wash. Units that are used frequently or environments with higher temperatures, more dust particles and pollutants, will require more frequent cleaning than units being used infrequently in cleaner environments.

The use of outdoor units, as part of a centralised cooling system for large areas such as warehouses and manufacturing plants, requires more frequent maintenance to avoid too much dirt building up on the delicate parts. Units installed indoors usually require less maintenance due to having better environmental conditions.

Different Intervals For Different Types Of Air Conditioning Units

Different types of air conditioners are built differently, thus the chemical wash frequency varies. High-wall split units should be serviced at least twice a year while central air conditioning systems can last up to 4 years without needing to be washed.

Window and portable air conditioners require frequent chemical washes, as they get clogged more easily due to their design. Portable air conditioners with inner grooves need washing every 3 months, whereas those without them may last for up to 9 months between washes.

Ducted or concealed type of systems also differ in terms of frequency; as these are hidden away from view, they accumulate more dust and dirt over time and therefore require cleaning every 6 months or even sooner depending on usage.

Cleaning Frequency And Duration

Cleaning frequency and duration will depend largely on the environment, usage, and type of air conditioner. To decide how often to clean an AC unit, users must consider the environment it is being used in such as a dusty room or if pets are regularly around the system.

This helps to determine how often the filter needs to be changed and when an overall chemical wash should be done. Generally, it’s advisable to do a chemical cleaning every 4-8 weeks depending on use.

Cleaning time can take anywhere from 15 minutes for light maintenance up to several hours for heavy-duty treatments.


Aircon chemical wash is an ideal solution to improve the efficiency, lifespan, and air quality of your air conditioning unit. While there are some risks involved in using this method, such as exposure to chemicals and component damage, these can be minimized by following proper instructions when carrying out a chemical wash.

Ultimately, the frequency at which you should perform a chemical wash depends on your usage patterns and environment. With regular maintenance checks and timely cleaning sessions, you can ensure that your system remains in great condition for years to come.

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